Tactical Edge 2018

The Impending Complexity Apocalypse

Human minds, after millennia of evolutionary pressure, are optimized for risk decisions. The increasing complexity of systems, plus the instant access to worldwide news, are subverting human risk management. Can we get a handle on this new world, or will we destroy ourselves through misunderstandings and poor choices?

The Art of Cyberwar

User Experience: What is the perception of Colombian users when browsing websites and web applications?

What is the perception of Colombian users when making transactions online? Do they trust the sites and applications that offer products and services? Do they feel safe? Do they trust more in national or foreign sites? All of these questions will be addressed, to understand how users currently behave in Colombia, and how far away the websites and provider companies are from meeting their expectations and requirements online.

Security lessons from five years of dissecting data breaches on the Defensive Security Podcast

Over the past five years, I have researched and analyzed hundreds of major, and some minor, data breaches and security incidents as material for the Defensive Security Podcast. In this presentation, I will recap the top twenty cyber security lessons I have identified through my work on the show.

Threat Intelligence, Establishing a common language

The presentation discusses establishing a common vocabulary for the organization to discuss threats and integrating threat scoring with existing (CVSS- based) vulnerability management to have truly comprehensive risk profiles.

Disruption: The Necessary Coming Changes To Security Operations

In this talk we will discuss the coming disruptive forces that will change how we do security operations at the enterprise level. We will focus on how we got where we are, what past events inform the future, and what the next big steps will entail. We will especially focus on the things current and upcoming security leaders need to be aware of as these changes manifest in our enterprises.

Changing our mindset from technical to psychological defenses

The majority of our Information Security defensive mindset is structured around technical weaknesses and issues. Yet, the adversary is increasingly turning to weaknesses in human psychology to breach our organizations and IT systems. This talk will explore the many examples of that shift in attack approach, how we in IT are not yet fully embracing this change, and recommendations on how we can start to deal with this new reality of Infosec Defense.