Dr. Benjamin Edwards

Partner, Data Scientist at Cyentia Institute

Dr. Benjamin Edwards is a security data scientist working at the Cyentia Institute. An expert in machine learning and statistics, Ben has led research on a variety of security topics including vulnerability management, application security, human risk, Next-gen SIEM, and security program performance. He is an active member of the security community, contributing to both EPSS and CVSSv4. Prior to joining Cyentia, his research examined global attack trends, the effects of security interventions, nation state cybersecurity policy, and the security of ML models. His work has appeared at leading industry and academic venues.

Dr. Benjamin Edwards

Data-Driven Data Privacy Decision Making

It’s been nearly a decade since we’ve been told “Data is the new oil”. Smart businesses recognize how invaluable data is in guiding decisions and improving their offerings. Unfortunately, when it comes to protecting that ever-so-valuable data (and the consequences of failing to protect it), it can be impossible to find reliable information on best practices. In this session, we’ll introduce the latest data-driven research on data privacy and use that research to facilitate a discussion on best practices for protecting an organization’s data reserves. In particular, we’ll examine:

  • The cost of frequency and cost of data breaches
  • The impact of data loss in ransomware incidents
  • Where user risk is concentrated within organizations
  • Best practices in different aspects of a security program including (but not limited to!) secure application development and vulnerability management
  • While much of the research we’ll discuss is global or US based, we’ll also highlight some LATAM specific data points and what unique challenges the region faces.

    MAYO 2023

    Los CISOS Workshops estarán enfocados en Privacidad de Datos y Transparencia de Datos, y serán liderados por nuestros expertos invitados.

    Senior Vice President of Research and Analysis at Interos
    Head of Advisory CISOS at Cisco
    CTO for Cisco Secure
    Director of Strategy and Standards at SailPoint
    LATAM Regional Sales Director at Exabeam
    Digital Forensic and Incident Response Manager for LATAM at Kaspersky
    Partner, Data Scientist at Cyentia Institute

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