MSc Eduardo Chavarro Ovalle

Digital Forensic and Incident Response Manager for LATAM at Kaspersky

Eduardo is member of Kaspersky’s Global Emergency Response Team (GERT) since 2017. Eduardo is passionate about DFIRMA, Threat intelligence and eDiscovery. Has been working in Cybersecurity for 19 years, and has worked with different industry verticals during this time (Military, Financial, Telecommunications and Industrial sector). Promotes webinars and participates in different conferences presenting a multidisciplinary view of global threats.

MSc Eduardo Chavarro Ovalle

Global South. How does it feel to be a target and what's behind it?

During this decade, attackers have shown their interest in the southern region of the globe, evaluating aspects of organizational/national capability and wealth, capacity and response for their attacks. In addition, the constant demand for innovation and the growing digital dependency of Industry, PYMES and Governments -involving increasingly complex technological models- have led decision makers to apply recommendations without proper evaluation, becoming easy targets for attack, despite having implemented the "best practices".

During this workshop will discuss:

  • WEForum recommendations vs real cases in LATAM
  • Intangible risks: Disinformation and lack of digital security.
  • R&D+i-S formula. Integration of more complex technologies for more demanding consumers.
  • Cyber language, communication failures
    MAYO 2023

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    Senior Vice President of Research and Analysis at Interos
    Head of Advisory CISOS at Cisco
    CTO for Cisco Secure
    Director of Strategy and Standards at SailPoint
    LATAM Regional Sales Director at Exabeam
    Digital Forensic and Incident Response Manager for LATAM at Kaspersky
    Partner, Data Scientist at Cyentia Institute

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