Chris Kubecka

Fearless and powerful speaker, saves countries, fights cyber terrorism, advises several governments as a subject matter expert on cyber warfare national defense. Profiled by major media in the USA and Europe. USAF military combat veteran, former military aviator, and USAF Space Command. Defends critical infrastructure and handles country level cyber incidents, cyberwarfare, and cyber espionage.

Reconnected Saudi Aramco international business operations & established digital security after the world’s most devastating cyberwarfare attack. Developing the highest level of exploit code against IT/IOT/ICS SCADA control systems whilst working with governments.

Using her unique technical skills, honed starting age six programming and busted hacking into the DOJ at age 10. Involved in the world’s biggest hacks, advising nations, NATO, Europol, Interpol exposing corruption and national security risks.

Author of the book Hack the World with OSINT:

Author of Down the Rabbit Hole and OSINT Journey:


Sessions by Chris

August 13
10:00 - 11:00 CT

Hack The World With OSINT

Land, space, sea and air, all fair game for hackers. Discover vulnerable, remotely exploitable or misconfigured systems using open source intelligence gathering tools and techniques. Protect your organization or find out if your home alarm system is exposed insecurely to the internet. This journey takes you through computer systems, databases, ICS industrial control systems, email servers and settings, intelligence agencies, crackable encryption, internet of things devices, hydroelectric dams, solar panels, fire alarms, home cinemas, maritime, space, aircraft and more.

Tactical Edge Virtual Summit 2020