Michael Ball

CyberSecurity Adviser and founder of TeamCISO with over 25 years in Infosec. Currently developing the "Virtual CISO" practice for small to mid-tier businesses, and occupying the role of vCISO in several Canadian Mid-Market organizations. Over the past 15 years Michael has helped create the Office of the CISO in two large global Insurance Companies.

Michael is a regular speaker/panelist at CyberSecurity conferences across North America, and provides onsite CyberSecurity guidance across many business verticals.

Specialties: Cloud Access Security (CASB), Breach Response Planning, Securing the Industrial Internet of Things, Identity and Access Management Infrastructure and processes, Risk Management, Network Security Architecture, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Security Zone and PCI architecture. Security Incident and Event Management.

Sessions by Michael

August 13
09:00 - 10:00 CT

The Value of a Virtual/Fractional CISO in Small/Mid-tier Business

Larger organizations have the ability to justify the resources and expense of having a full time CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) on staff to manage their Cyber Security program. That said, small and mid-tier businesses have the same Cyber Security challenges, but without the resources and funding to respond.

This Discussion will help you understand how a Virtual CISO can help you assess your security profile and guide you through remediating any outstanding issues within a constrained budget. Welcome to the first 30 days of a vCISO engagement!

Tactical Edge Virtual Summit 2020