Andy Ellis

CSO Akamai

Andy Ellis is Akamai's Chief Security Officer, responsible for overseeing the security architecture and compliance of the company's massive, globally distributed network. He is the designer and patentholder of Akamai's SSL acceleration network, as well as several of the critical technologies underpinning the company's Cloud Security Solutions. Mr. Ellis is at the forefront of Internet policy; as a speaker, blogger, member of the FCC CSRIC, supporting Akamai's CEOs on the NIAC and NSTAC, and an advisory board member of HacKid. He is a graduate of MIT and a former US Air Force officer, the recipient of the CSO Magazine Compass Award, the Air Force Meritorious Service Medal, The Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence and the Spirit of Disneyland Award. He can be found on Twitter as @csoandy.


Vinicius Agostini

CMO Exceda

Vinicius Agostini is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Exceda, a Brazilian company that provides a portfolio of best-in-class web acceleration, security and intelligence solutions to customers and resellers in Latin America, USA, and Spain. Prior to being the CMO at Exceda, Vinicius was the leader in marketing for important Brazilian companies such as Oi and Brasil Telecom. Since 2012, he has led various projects at Exceda launching new products and services, and led the strategic expansion team to other countries such as Mexico, USA, Argentina, and Chile.


Joanna Prieto

CEO - Geek Girls Latam

I help people and organizations to understand the world of today, to empower themselves, and help them connect with the 4th industrial revolution. I am an enterprising and inspiring woman, passionate about the business world, communication, technology and education. I like to travel and meet people from other cultures and speak their languages. I am multidisciplinary that allows me to have a global and holistic vision of some things; I'm a DirCom master; convinced that communication is the most important strategic resource of any organization and that social media is and will be critical subject today and tomorrow. I specialized in Human Management and Organizational Development; I believe that without good management of people there are no results, there is no success. Teamwork and shared leadership are key to contributing to personal and professional growth. My profession in Modern Languages; it opened the door to the world, to cultures, to their ways of life and their languages; I specialized in translation and organizational communication. Today I teach thousands of professionals to build their own #PersonalBrand in order to manage their talents. Female empowerment and leadership is the reason that gives meaning to my day to day activities with GeekGirls Latam.


Robert Dyer

VP LATAM & Caribbean, Cylance

Robert Dyer, VP of Latin America and Caribbean at Cylance, is an experienced sales and marketing business strategist with over 20 years of successfully driving strong, sustainable revenue and profit growth through Latin America in the technology and security industry, encompassing Security Software, Cyber Security, Network Security, Cloud Security, Managed Security Services, SaaS and value-add service offerings. Proven ability to assemble world class leaders and engage teams to build entirely new businesses, and penetrate emerging markets. Recognized as trusted advisor within corporate and channel executive network.


Martin Fisher

CISO Healthcare Provider

Martin Fisher has been in IT for more than 25 years and in information security for the last 14 years. He currently serves as the information security leader for a multi-hospital, 13,000-employee healthcare provider in Atlanta, Georgia. In the past he has worked in the commercial aviation and finance sectors for organizations large and small. Fisher has been heavily involved in the information security community as a member of the organizational staff of BSides Las Vegas and BSides Atlanta. Fisher is passionate about "doing security right" and has spoken internationally on a variety of information security topics in venues such as SOURCEBoston, ShmooCon, SecurityZone, and SUMIT_2013. He is also the host of The Southern Fried Security podcast, which has reached thousands of information security practitioners for the last six years.


Wilmer Prieto

Vice-President ISACA Bogota

Wilmer has more than 15 years of experience in IT and Cibersecurity. He has worked for leading companies such as McAfee Inc., Intel Corporation, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Intralot, Telefónica. Wilmer has led teams and helped companies in different markets around Latin America, with their Cybersecurity strategies.

He has participated in various research groups worldwide, actively developing methodologies and conducting investigations in cybersecurity. He has worked with various governmental entities helping develop Colombia's Cybersecurity Policies (CONPES 3854). Wilmer is an active member of Asociación Colombiana para el Avance de la Ciencia (ACAC) ( and is the vice-president of ISACA Bogota Chapter ( , ISACA


David Pereira

Researcher, Consultant

David Pereira is a Researcher, Consultant with more than 19 years experience in information security and Digital Forensics with proven experience in cyber defense, Ethical Hacking, Pentesting, and Forensic Analysis for both national and international organizations in many verticals such as Financial, Energy, Military, Government, Mining, and others. He has presented in many conferences such as Colombian Cybernetic Command Center, Colombia's National Police, Brazil's cyber defense group, Peruvian Air Force Intelligence group. David has been involved in important projects such as protection and mitigation of DDOS during Colombia's Presidential elections in 2011, 2014-2016. He is part of HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigation Association – Florida Chapter, in charge of investigating international cybercrimes. He is an Ec Council instructor, recognized as Instructor of the year 2011 and 2016, and part of the "Circle of Excellence" of Ec Council in 2012 2013, and 2015.



Strategic Threat Intelligence Director, Divine Intel

Tazz is a security veteran whose technology interests began with Atari and she was amazed when a word processor had enough memory to hold multiple lines. She's been involved with technology since 1997 starting her career in communications, after which she completed her degree. She's had various IT roles and responsibilities over the years to include Field Software (Breaker/Fixer) Engineer, System Administrator of Chaos, IA Hoodlum, Compliance Sorceress, Information Security Cat Herder, Security Architect and is currently a Security Squirrel. She enjoys fitness, horseback riding, weather above 70F, and anything full of laughs and weird people.


Jerry Bell

Director, Cyber Security Management, IBM

Jerry Bell has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years, holding a variety of roles, including executive IT security positions at both Internet Security Systems and IBM. Jerry founded and cohosts the Defensive Security Podcast with Andrew Kalat. Jerry presently leads a global internal security strategy team for the services business at IBM. Previously, Jerry was a director of information technology at Internet Security Systems. Jerry is passionate about improving the state of information security. He founded the Defensive Security Podcast in 2012 and continues to record weekly episodes with his co-host, Andrew Kalat. The podcast analyzes recent information security news to identify key lessons learned to help listeners improve their defensive posture. Jerry is also interested in behavioral economics, risk and statistics, and writes about the intersection of these three areas with information security on his blog.


Andrew Kalat

Sr. Manager of Information Security at Elavon

Andrew Kalat, Sr. Manager of Information Security at Elavon and co-host, Defensive Security Podcast. Andrew is a 20 year veteran of the security industry, working in diverse roles such as architect, sales engineer, consultant, and management. He is also a private pilot, published author and avid photographer.


Samuel Iván Ardila S.

Senior Manager, Risk Advisory Services, Deloitte.

Samuel has over nineteen years of experience with Deloitte, providing IT risk assessment and information security evaluation services to various clients. He has has participated and supervised IT risk assessments and IT security projects in the following industry sectors: Telecommunications, Retail, Utilities, Manufacturing and Energy.

As a Sr. Manager, I have participated in various information security projects, applying Deloitte's methodologies and procedures in order to gain an understanding of technology deployed by clients, perform a comprehensive risk analysis and design recommendations related to clients' information technology infrastructure.

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