Ryan English (USA)

Ryan English is a veteran, small business owner and cybersecurity disciple. He first experienced the defense and security field as a young Marine scout/sniper in the 1990s. As his studies at university ended and the conflict in the Middle East progressed, he became involved in the War on Terror: first as a defense contractor training Iraqi police in Baghdad, then reenlisting to deploy in the National Guard, and finally working for the State Department as a member of the U.S. ambassador's high-threat protective detail in Iraq.

In 2012 he was fortunate enough to be indoctrinated into the arcane world of information security by two of the industry's most notorious security researchers, followed by work in cyber threat intelligence. He has absorbed lessons in the industry both from seasoned practitioners and the unpredictability of startups. He is currently on the board of an all-veteran cybersecurity company, and leads a team of executive protection specialists working in the Atlanta area.

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Octubre 5

Applying military concepts to our cybersecurity strategy