Veronica Toscano

Chief of Staff to the Chief Privacy Officer at CISCO

As the first in my family to graduate from college, I am driven and determined to succeed. I also make it a priority to give back to the neighboring communities through creating corporate volunteering programs.

My career experience has provided me with a diverse background in: Accounting, Channel/Partner, Finance, InfoSec, IT, and Marketing. Through these roles two skills stand out: ability to naturally build strong relationships and my passion for data. Bringing data to life, being able to tell a story, and support the business in making decisions is what I love to do.

MAYO 2023

Los CISOS Workshops estarán enfocados en Privacidad de Datos y Transparencia de Datos, y serán liderados por nuestros expertos invitados.

Senior Vice President of Research and Analysis at Interos
Strategy and Emerging Technologies Advisor
Head of Advisory CISOS at CISCO
Chief of Staff to the Chief Privacy Officer at CISCO
Director of Strategy and Standards at SailPoint

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