Wendy Nather

Wendy Nather leads the Advisory CISO team at Cisco. She was previously the Research Director at the Retail ISAC, and Research Director of the Information Security Practice at 451 Research. Wendy led IT security for the EMEA region of the investment banking division of Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS), and served as CISO of the Texas Education Agency. She was inducted into the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame in 2021.

Sesiones de Wendy

Octubre 5

Data on Security Outcomes: What Even Works in Security?

Never mind what everyone else is doing; how do we know what actually works? Over the course of two years we’ve collected and studied global data on the security outcomes organisations were trying to get, and compared those with practices they said they were following (or not). The independently analyzed correlations had some surprises in them. In this session we’ll look at which practices statistically improved outcomes across the board, and which ones … didn’t actually matter. We’ll also work on applying these findings to your own objectives and key results in your security program. Let’s try data-driven security!