J. Wolfgang Goerlich (USA)

J. Wolfgang Goerlich is an Advisory CISO for Cisco. Prior to this role, he led IT and IT security in the healthcare and financial services verticals. Wolfgang has held VP positions at several consulting firms, leading advisory and assessment practices. He is an active part of the security community, co-founding and organizing security conferences. He hosts a popular YouTube video series.

Wolfgang regularly advises on and presents on the topics of security architecture and design, identity and access management, data governance, secure development life cycles, zero-trust security, and more.

Sesión de J. Wolfgang

Octubre 7

Returning to Work: Going Forward, Not Going Back

73% of workers in a recent survey by Microsoft (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/worklab/work-trend-index/hybrid-work) plan to continue flexible remote work and said they want continued flexible remote work options -- what does this mean for security teams planning return-to-office plans that now include even more hybrid elements? While unquestionably a challenging undertaking, teams have a unique opportunity to revisit the successes and failures of their remote work expansions in 2020 and carry the best practices learned into their new expanded environments. This starts with assessing where and how much technical debt the rapid shift created, and sorting which interim solutions can be integrated and which must be phased out as part of a new flexible work strategy.

Join Wolfgang during his roundtable discussions, and learn how other executives are assessing and planning next steps for a better return to work, along with what you can do to improve your own strategy:

- How to audit and assess the tech debt accumulated during remote work

- Why the strategic objective should focus on moving forward, not just “returning to normal”

- What other executives are saying about their return strategy in recent roundtables

- How insights from the new Secure Outcomes report can inform strategy planning